Second Saturday Recycle Day

KIBA007KIBA was the first to begin recycling in 1988 with recycle behind the City Hall in bins.
KIBA was a recycling model for other area towns. It was on the cutting edge.
KIBA013KIBA directors would take turns working the Second Saturday recycle program. Other organizations would also assist when cars would bring their loads to be put into the trucks.
People were able to work off their community service hours by helping on Second Saturday. This was a great help KIBA008to them and to KIBA.
Finally, after many years of recycling Laidlaw began a city wide recycle program.
Now the City of Kilgore and Republic Services have a weekly recycle pick up at the same time as the trash pick- up which began on Monday, September 2, 2013. Call 903-986-5300 or 903-986-5323.
We have come a long way and thanks to Gene Keenon and his company for helping with the wonderful program which now has become a way of life for many residents in City of Kilgore.


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