Make Kilgore Shine

  SIGN UP NOW   (Reprinted from Kilgore News Herald) It’s almost time to push the Reset button. Granted, wiping the city’s streets clean each year isn’t as easy as flipping a switch, and Kilgore Improvement & Beautification Association needs some help once again to Make Kilgore Shine. This year, the annual citywide clean-up is […]

Flowers, Shrubs and Trees in the Shakespeare Garden, Kilgore, TX

Agapanthus Lily Like the lily, that once was mistress of the field and flourish’d, I’ll hang my head and perish. Henry VIII Bear Exit, pursued by a bear. The Winter’s Tale Boxwood Get you all three into the boxtree. Twelfth Night Butterfly Bush Alack, the night comes on, and the bleak winds do sorely ruffle; […]

The Shakespeare Garden

This garden began in the mind of KIBA founder Nelda Lewis, Mayor Mickey Smith, and Raymond Caldwell, the director of the Texas Shakespeare Festival on Kilgore College Campus. When this summer festival began it was decided to build a Shakespeare Garden on the Brook Drive property by the Anne Dean Turk Fine Arts Center where […]

Second Saturday Recycle Day

KIBA was the first to begin recycling in 1988 with recycle behind the City Hall in bins. KIBA was a recycling model for other area towns. It was on the cutting edge. KIBA directors would take turns working the Second Saturday recycle program. Other organizations would also assist when cars would bring their loads to […]

World’s Richest Acre Original Derrick

In 1966 The Texas State Historical Society Service Committee designated the tract of land on which the R.E. Smith Griffin #1 well and 23 others were and dedicated it as the “World’s Richest Acre” and an official State Marker was erected at the spot by the Smith well on Commerce and Main Street in downtown […]

The Depot: White Elephant Bazaar

In mid January, 1977, the Texas Railroad Commission granted the Missouri Pacific Railroad Company’s request to close the Kilgore Station. In the Spring of 1979, a committee from KIBA , Mayor Foster Bean, Mrs. C. B. Perkins, Charles Devall and Tom Dunwoody met with the railroad representatives in Houston and requested to buy the Depot. […]

Six Flags of Texas at Kilgore City Hall

Kilgore Improvement and Beautification voted to install 6 flag poles in front of the City Hall which would fly the six flags that have flown over Texas. The first flag to fly belonged to Spain, then France, Mexico, Republic of Texas, United States of America and the Confederate States of America. The area was landscaped […]

Relandscaping of Memorial Park Island

Kilgore Improvement and Beautification Association voted to redesign Memorial Park Island by spelling out the name of Kilgore with hedges. White gravel was placed around the letters so they would show up good from the street. As these plants have grown, have been trimmed and maintained, they present a great welcome to our City to […]

Amphitheater in the City Park

The Kiwanis Club first talked about building an amphitheater in the City Park and raised $1,000. This money was then donated to KIBA when the committee began work on the Community Amphitheater in the Kilgore City Park. Gene Keenon shared a dream to KIBA about having an amphitheater in the City Park. KIBA took pictures […]