Amphitheater in the City Park

The Kiwanis Club first talked about building an amphitheater in the City Park and raised $1,000. This money was then donated to KIBA when the committee began work on the Community Amphitheater in the Kilgore City Park.

Gene Keenon shared a dream to KIBA about having an amphitheater in the City Park. KIBA took pictures and looked to see what we wanted to do. On June 12, 2000, KIBA formed a funding committee consisting of Wanda Bittick, Carol Hinton, Carolyn Johnston, Gene Keenon, Carmel McElyea, Diana Ponder, Lavada Thomas and Peggy Bowne.

The City conducted a City- wide survey as part of the City Park Master Plan and found that an amphitheater ranked eighth in the list of facilities that the community felt were a priority.

In April, KIBA joined with the City in applying for a Parks and Recreation Accounts small grant for City Park improvements by committing $50,000 toward the construction of the amphitheater. It took KIBA four years to raise the money needed to begin construction.

In August 2001, the Parks and Wildlife Commission approved the funding for the City of Kilgore Parks. This included new playground equipment, horseshoe pitching courts, skateboard ramps and the amphitheater. In November 2003, KIBA entered into a contract with KK Mobbs Construction Company and work began. It was completed in July, 2004. In phase 2, the donor markers and the electrical wiring was completed by September, 2004

The amphitheater was completely paid for and then presented to the City of Kilgore. This was a community effort with many donors who wanted Kilgore to be a better place.